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About Me

Hey there!meet the human behind the page

I’m Alexis, but I go by Lexi. I’m a nutrition coach + personal trainer + entrepreneur + dog mom + enneagram 7 + ambivert.

I’m a former competitive triathlete turned recreational CrossFitter & weightlifter who loves laughing, traveling, and eating tacos on the weekend. You’ll rarely catch me without a smile on my face.

When I’m not helping people get results by simplifying all that is fitness and nutrition, you can find me running around with my black lab, drinking vanilla lavender lattes, and cheering on the Tide. #SEC

I’m here, in this space of health and fitness,

because it changed my life.

To keep it short: moving (and fueling) my body became my fight against anxiety. After some time in the battle, I made the decision to take control, get educated, and take action.

When I moved, I FELT. Pushing my body and mind made me feel powerful, confident, and FREE.

I realized that eating fried foods and drinking soda/alcohol in excess took actual quality away from my life. Fueling my body with nutrients and H20 on a consistent basis GAVE me LIFE. I couldn’t believe the difference in my mental and physical state because of the foods I was eating.

There was so much more to it than just aesthetics. Food and movement change us.

So there I was, teaching myself everything there was to know (and still) about weightlifting, fitness, and nutrition. And then came mindset and mental health. (Bc decisions and simple habits dictate our lives)

I became a go-to resource / personal trainer for all of my friends.

Sooner or later, I found triathlon. Swim, bike, run – What seemed like the ultimate test of fitness. I ate, slept, and breathed triathlon. I found a team at ‘Bama who also set 4:30 alarms, did two-a-days, trained their asses off for IRONMAN races and loved every minute of it.

I did this for ~6 years. Won a few races. After my last 70.3 I got tired of running and found CrossFit.

After college, I took an 8-5 job in healthcare marketing. A few years later I realized I despise being confined to a cube and having limitations / rules set by anyone who wasn’t me. Instead, I sought out more degrees, in-depth certifications, and extensive specializations in fitness and nutrition. Alas – this brand was born!

Which leads me to:

Authenticity, education, and mindset are the core of my brand.

We keep it real here. There is no ONE way to succeed. And everything starts with your mindset. I’m here to understand you better, get you on the right path for YOU, and provide clarity in all things fitness + food. Because there’s power in knowledge and taking simple action. No more reading BS headlines or wasting time with fad-diets. Let’s make this last, ok?